Known issues

A summary of known issues for this version of Cloudera Stream Processing.

SRM does not sync re-created source topics until the offsets have caught up with target topic
Problem: Messages written to topics that were deleted and re-created are not replicated until the source topic reaches the same offset as the target topic. For example, if at the time of deletion and re-creation there are a 100 messages on the source and target clusters, new messages will only get replicated once the re-created source topic has 100 messages. This leads to messages being lost.
Workaround: N/A.
SRM may automatically re-create deleted topics
Problem: If auto.create.topics.enable is enabled, deleted topics are automatically recreated on source clusters.
Workaround: Prior to deletion, remove the topic from the topic whitelist with the srm-control tool. This prevents topics from being re-created.
srm-control topics --source [SOURCE_CLUSTER] --target [TARGET_CLUSTER] --remove [TOPIC1][TOPIC2]
Replication failing when SRM driver is present on multiple nodes
Problem: Kafka replication fails when the SRM driver is installed on more than one node.
Workaround: N/A