Known issues

A summary of known issues for this version of Cloudera Stream Processing.

SRM does not sync re-created source topics until the offsets have caught up with target topic
Problem: Messages written to topics that were deleted and re-created are not replicated until the source topic reaches the same offset as the target topic. For example, if at the time of deletion and re-creation there are a 100 messages on the source and target clusters, new messages will only get replicated once the re-created source topic has 100 messages. This leads to messages being lost.
Workaround: N/A.
SRM may automatically re-create deleted topics
Problem: If auto.create.topics.enable is enabled, deleted topics are automatically recreated on source clusters.
Workaround: Prior to deletion, remove the topic from the topic allowlist (whitelist) with the srm-control tool. This prevents topics from being re-created.
srm-control topics --source [SOURCE_CLUSTER] --target [TARGET_CLUSTER] --remove [TOPIC1][TOPIC2]
Replication failing when SRM driver is present on multiple nodes
Problem: Kafka replication fails when the SRM driver is installed on more than one node.
Workaround: N/A
SRM cannot replicate Sentry authorization rules from one Kafka cluster to another
Problem:When Sentry contains Kafka authorization policies for any ConsumerGroup resource, SRM cannot replicate authorization rules from one Kafka cluster to another in environments where Sentry is enabled. This is due to a Kafka resource conversion error in Sentry. For more information regarding the underlying Sentry issue, see SENTRY-2535 and the Kafka known issues in CDH Known Issues.
Workaround: Disable authorization policy synchronization in SRM. This can be achieved by setting the sync.topic.acls.enabled property to false.
Deployment of the activation.jar for airgapped SMM environments
Problem: SMM downloads and installs the activation-1.1.1.jar as part of the startup process. This requires the host to be connected to the internet to be able to download the jar from the central repository. If the host is not connected to the internet, you get an error.
Workaround: In case the host is not connected to the Internet, the activation-1.1.1.jar needs to be downloaded manually by the administrator and copied to the following application lib folder: /opt/cloudera/parcels/STREAMS_MESSAGING_MANAGER-
The Condition field in the Alert Policy UI displays incorrect values
Problem: When you edit or update an alert policy with REST API in SMM, the CONDITION field in the Alert Policy UI does not display correct values.
Workaround: Reset the Attribute/Metric drop-down value before selecting the operator value again.
Exception in the SMM UI - Not displaying any data
Problem: If the topic (or) producer name contains keywords such as clientId/topic/partition, then SMM would not display the metrics for those resources. This is due to the bug in regular expression which captures the topic (or) partition information from the metric name. Moreover, SMM throws "For Input String" error in the UI when there exists another topic whose name is a suffix of the first one.

For example,

For a topic named with "", SMM would not display the metrics for the resource as the topic name contains the keyword "topic". If there exists another topic named as world whose name is a suffix of the first one, then SMM throws "For Input String" error in the UI.

Workaround: There is no workaround for this issue.
SMM logs are not moving to the custom location
Problem: SMM logs are not created in the custom location.
Workaround: No workaround.
SMM throws error if Service Monitor is not on CM host
Problem: If the Cloudera Manager Service Monitor and Cloudera Manager Server are deployed on different hosts, SMM is unable to fetch metrics correctly. As a result, historic data for consumer offsets and lag are not displayed, only the latest data is available.
You receive the following error message and cause in the streams-messaging-manager.log:
ERROR Error while fetching consumer group information.
Caused by: org.apache.avro.AvroRemoteException: Connection refused (Connection refused)
Workaround: No workaround.
Cannot read property 'indexOf' thrown when ETELatencyMetrics is disabled
Problem: If latency metrics is disabled and you click the latency tab on the Topic Profile page in the SMM UI, then the following error appears:
Cannot read property ‘indexOf’ of null.
Workaround: Latency metrics should be configured and enabled before you view it on the SMM UI.