Known issues

Learn about the known issues in Data Catalog, the impact or changes to the functionality, and the workaround.

Known Issues

CDPDSS-2708: Kerberos kinit expires leading to all Atlas API calls failure
Kerberos kinit expires after 48 hours. Due to scenario, all Atlas APIs start failing leading to blockage on Data Catalog functionality.
On Cloudera Manager ---> administration ---> security ----> kerberos credentials tab --> search for dpprofilerand then click on regenerate selected. Besides this user needs to refresh the dss-app pod on the namespace using the command: kubectl rollout restart deployment/cdp-release-dssapp -n <namespace name>
CDPDSS-2707: Custom Sensitivity Profiler (CSP) regex logic fails intermittently for complex regex
CSP regex logic fails intermittently for complex regex. Due to this intermittently the Cap tags do not get attached to Hive columns on execution of sensitivity profilers.
CDPDSS-2673: Download CSV feature is not supported
A CSV file is not getting downloaded.
CDPDSS-2706: Data Steward user role is not reflecting
Data Steward role is not reflecting in Control Plane.