What's new

This release (1.5.2) marks the General Availability (GA) release of the Cloudera Data Catalog service on CDP Private Cloud Data Services.

  • Cloudera Data Catalog service is available when you upgrade to CDP Private Cloud Data Services 1.5.2 version
  • Data Catalog enables Data Stewards and Business Analysts across the enterprise to work with data assets in the following ways:
    • Organize and curate data globally
    • Understand where relevant data is located
    • Understand how data access is secured, protected, and audited
    • Understand how data is interpreted for use
    • The Asset 360 degree view of entities within Atlas helps analysts find high quality curated data and leverage it for decision making.
    • Support for Profiling of Hive tables, to examine, analyze and review data, providing organizations with a high level view of data quality.