Fixed Issues in Zeppelin

This section lists the issues that have been fixed since the previous version.

CDPD-10187: Incorrect version of jackson-mapper-asl.
Use internal version of jackson-mapper-asl to handle CVE-2017-7525.
CDPD-1683: Zeppelin demo users have been removed
Use cluster users to access Zeppelin. For information on provisioning users in CDP, see Onboarding users.
CDPD-880, CDPD-1685: Shell, JDBC, and Spark interpreters have been removed
Workaround: Use an available interpreter. For Spark functionality, use the Livy interpreter.
CDPD-3047: Markdown interpreter does not handle certain numbered list syntax correctly
Using the plus sign (+) or asterisk (*) to continue a numbered list using the %md interpreter results in bullet point entries instead.
Workaround: None.