Known Issues

Streams Messaging Manager 2.0.0 has the following known issues at this time.

SMM does not trigger alert immediately when SRM goes down

Problem: If the SRM cluster goes down, SMM might take 15 minutes to send the alert through email or display the alert on the UI.

First set of produced messages are not counted in total messages displayed in SMM

Problem: You might notice minor discrepancy in the BytesIn, BytesOut, and MessagesIn timeline metrics for the newly created topics and in the outMessagesCount timeline metric for the producers when the time period is selected all the way up to topic initialisation or usage time. The discrepancy in the metrics could utmost be off by the first minute’s measurement.

The discrepancy happens due to the lazy initialisation of metrics in the Kafka brokers and by default the metric reporter is configured to report the metrics once in a minute to the external systems post topic initialisation or usage.

Workaround: The graphs in the topic and producer profile page, however, reflect the true state of the metrics the way they are recorded.