Hadoop Security Guide
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Provides Service activity data for all Policies that have Audit set to On. The default service Policy is configured to log all user activity within the Service. This default policy does not contain user and group access rules.

You can filter the data based on the following criteria:

Table 5.3. Search Criteria

Search CriteriaDescription
Access EnforcerAccess enforcer indicates who made the decision to allow or deny. In case of HDFS, the enforcer would XA (Ranger) or Hadoop.
Access TypeType of access user attempted (E.G., REVOKE, GRANT, OPEN, USE).
Client IPIP address of the user system that tried to access the resource.
ResultShows whether the operation was successfull or not.
Service NameThe name of the service that the user tried to access.
Service TypeThe type of the service that the user tried to access.
Start Date, End DateFilters results for a particular date range.
UserName of the user which tried to access the resource.

Ranger Console Audit tab, Access sub-tab