Hadoop Security Guide
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Installation Prerequisites

Before you install Ranger, make sure your cluster meets the following requirements:

  • It is recommended that you store audits in both HDFS and Solr, so you should install Apache Solr.

  • To ensure that LDAP/AD group level authorization is enforced in Hadoop, you should set up Hadoop group mapping for LDAP.

  • A MySQL, Oracle, or PostgreSQL database instance must be running and available to be used by Ranger.

    The Ranger installation will create two new users (default names: rangeradmin and rangerlogger) and two new databases (default names: ranger and ranger_audit).

  • Configuration of the database instance for Ranger is described in the following sections for some of the databases supported by Ranger.

  • If you choose not to provide system Database Administrator (DBA) account details to the Ambari Ranger installer, you can use the dba_script.py Python script to create Ranger DB database users without exposing DBA account information to the Ambari Ranger installer. You can then run the normal Ambari Ranger installation without specifying a DBA user name and password. For more information see Setting up Database Users Without Sharing DBA Credentials.