Hadoop Security Guide
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To enable the Ranger Hive plugin on a Kerberos-enabled cluster, perform the steps described below.

  1. Create the system (OS) user rangerhivelookup. Make sure this user is synced to Ranger Admin (under Settings>Users/Groups tab in the Ranger Admin UI).

  2. Create a Kerberos principal for rangerhivelookup by entering the following command:

    • kadmin.local -q 'addprinc -pw rangerhivelookup rangerhivelookup@example.com

  3. Navigate to the Hive service.

  4. Click the Config tab and navigate to advanced ranger-hive-plugin-properties.

  5. Update the following properties with the values listed in the table below.

    Table 3.17. Hive Plugin Properties

    Configuration Property NameValue
    Ranger service config userrangerhivelookup@example.com
    Ranger service config passwordrangerhivelookup

  6. After updating these properties, click Save and then restart the Hive service.