Hadoop Security Guide
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Principal Mapping Enhancements

Concat Identity Assertion is a new provider for the Knox Gateway that enables you to map principals by concatenating strings to either the front or the back of a specified username. The Identity Assertion Provider provides the critical function of determining the Identity Principal that you will want to use in your Hadoop cluster to represent the identity that has been authenticated at the gateway. For more information on the Identity Assertion Provider and how it is used in the Knox Gateway, refer to the Identity Assertion chapter in the Apache Knox 0.6.x User Guide. If you would like to convert the user principal into a value that represents an identity from a particular user domain, use a configuration similar to the below example.


Notice in this example that the identity-assertion role has been named Concat and has been enabled (true) for the Identity Assertion Provider, with the conact.suffix parameter given a value of domain1 and concatenation will occur at the end of the username (concat.suffix). You may also use a parameter called concat.prefix to indicate a value to concatenate to the front of the username.