Hadoop Security Guide
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Configuring Services

The Ranger Access Manager is open by default in the Ranger Console. To return to the Access Manager from any tab in the Ranger Console, go to the top left corner of the console and click Ranger, Access Manager, Service Manager, or Access Manager>Resource Based Policies.


The Ambari Ranger installation procedure automatically configures these services, so there should be no need to a add a service manually.


Access Manager

Service Manager

Access Manager>Resource Based Policies

  • To add a new service to Resource Based Policies, click the + icon in the applicable box on the Service Manager page. Enter the required configuration settings, then click Add (the green Add button).

  • To edit a service, click the Edit icon to the right of the entry for that service. Resource Based Policies displays an expanded view of that service, including a list of the policies it contains, their status, and the groups designated to administer those policies.

  • To delete a service from Resource Based Policies, click the Delete icon to the right of the entry for that service. Deleting a service also deletes all the policies within that service.

Add Service, Delete Service, Edit Service icons on Resource Based Policies home page

Ranger Service Manager Console

This section describes how to configure services in: