Hadoop Security Guide
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Create an HBase Policy

To add a new policy to an existing HBase service:

  1. On the Service Manager page, select an existing service under HBase.


    The List of Policies page appears.

    List of Policies page
  2. Click Add New Policy.

    Add New Policy button

    The Create Policy console appears.

    HBase Policy Creation Console
  3. Complete the Create Policy page as follows:

    Table 3.37. Policy Details



    Policy NameEnter an appropriate policy name. This name cannot be duplicated across the system. This field is mandatory.
    HBase TableSelect the appropriate database. Multiple databases can be selected for a particular policy. This field is mandatory.
    HBase Column-familyFor the selected table, specify the column families to which the policy applies.
    HBase ColumnFor the selected table and column families, specify the columns to which the policy applies.
    Description(Optional) Describe the purpose of the policy.
    Audit LoggingSpecify whether this policy is audited. (De-select to disable auditing).

    Table 3.38. User and Group Permissions



    Select Group Specify the group to which this policy applies. To designate the group as an Administrator for the chosen resource, specify Admin permissions. (Administrators can create child policies based on existing policies).
    Select UserSpecify a particular user to which this policy applies (outside of an already-specified group) OR designate a particular user as Admin for this policy. (Administrators can create child policies based on existing policies).
    PermissionsAdd or edit permissions: Read, Write, Create, Admin, Select/Deselect All.
    Delegate AdminWhen a policy is assigned to a user or a group of users those users become the delegated admin. The delegated admin can update, delete the policies. It can also create child policies based on the original policy (base policy).

    Wild cards can be included in the resource path, in the database name, the table name, or column name:

    • * indicates zero or more occurrences of characters

    • ? indicates a single character

  4. Click Add.

    the green Add button