Configuring images

This section describes the images used for running NiFi Registry. This provides a way of manually upgrading the NiFi version in an existing cluster or very quickly rolling out NiFi clusters with new versions.

A CFM NiFi Registry deployment includes two container images: cfm-nifiregistry-k8s and cfm-tini. The cfm-nifiregistry-k8s image is the actual registry image itself. The cfm-tini image is a small utility image used for aggregating logs.

Pulling images from Cloudera’s registries requires a pull secret containing your Cloudera credentials. Create this pull secret with

kubectl create secret docker-registry my-pull-secret \
--docker-username=[***CLOUDERA USER***] \
--docker-password=[***CLOUDERA PASSWORD***] \
        repository: [***CFM-NIFI-REGISTRY-K8S REPOSITORY***]
        tag: 2.8.0-bXX
        imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent
        pullSecret: my-pull-secret
        Repository: [***CFM-TINI REPOSITORY***]
        tag: 2.8.0-bXX
        imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent
        pullSecret: [***PULL SECRET***]
  • The default [***CFM-NIFI-REGISTRY-K8S REPOSITORY***] is

  • The default [***CFM-TINI REPOSITORY***] is

if your Kubernetes cluster has no internet connection or you want to use a self-hosted repository, replace these with the relevant paths.