System requirements

To install and use Cloudera Flow Management (CFM) Operator and its components, your Kubernetes cluster environment must meet the following system requirements and prerequisites.

  • Kubernetes cluster
    • Version 1.23 or later
    • OpenShift 4.10 or later
  • Administrative rights on the Kubernetes cluster
  • Access to kubectl or oc, configured to connect to your running cluster
  • Access to helm
  • cert-manager installed on the Kubernetes cluster
  • Log collection enabled for the Kubernetes cluster
  • Cloudera requires that the logs of CFM Operator components are stored long term for diagnostic and supportability purposes.
  • Persistent storage class configured on the Kubernetes cluster that satisfies the durability and low-latency requirements for operating NiFi. The ideal storage class configuration can vary depending on the environment and use case, and it is determined by the Kubernetes platform where the product is deployed.
  • (Optional): Prometheus installation running in the same Kubernetes cluster where you install CFM Operator. Prometheus is used for collecting and monitoring NiFi metrics.