Enabling edit access with LDAP authentication

If you configured LDAP authentication for your NiFi cluster, you need to perform additional configuration to enable access to the canvas for the admin user.

On initial deployment with LDAP user authentication, the specified initial admin identity does not have permissions to edit the canvas, resulting in grayed-out Flow controls. You can configure access from the NiFi web UI.

  1. Access the NiFi UI by navigating to https://[***NIFI HOST***]:[***NIFI PORT***]/nifi in a web browser.
    The default [***NIFI PORT***] is 8443.
  2. Log in using the admin user credentials.
  3. Grant the admin user edit permission by right-clicking on the canvas and selecting Manage access policies.
    In the access policy view for the Flow/Root Process Group, you see that there is no policy currently defined:
  4. Click Create to make the Add User button available for the policy, allowing you to add the admin user.
  5. Repeat the same process for each of the items in the dropdown list.