Helm chart reference

Value Description Default
image.repository Image repository of the CFM Operator “”
image.tag Image tag of the CFM Operator. Typically the operator version. “”
image.pullPolicy ImagePullPolicy for the CFM Operator image. IfNotPresent
image.imagePullSecrets List of pull Secrets which contain authentication credentials to the image repository.
  • docker-pull-secret

loglevel Detail level for logs. info
manager.additionalLabels Mapping of additional labels for the operator Pod and manager container. Can be used for setting custom labels on the container for metrics gathering, etc. {}
installCrds Boolean value indicating whether to install NiFi and NiFiRegistry CRDs. true
hostNetwork Boolean value indicating whether the operator Pod should have access to its host network. Rarely needed. false
authProxy.image.repository Image repository for kube-rbac-proxy sidecar container. gcr.io/kubebuilder/kube-rbac-proxy
authProxy.image.tag Image tag for kube-rbac-proxy sidecar container. v0.15.0
authProxy.image.pullPolicy ImagePullPolicy for kube-rbac-proxy sidecar container. IfNotPresent
prometheusScraping String value indicating whether to add a Prometheus scraping annotation to the operator Pod. Any value not “no” or “false” will result in the annotation being added. no
resources.requests Resource requests for the operator Pod.

cpu: 100m

memory: 100Mi

nodeSelector NodeSelector spec for the operator Pod. Add to control on which Kubernetes Nodes the operator is allowed to install. {}
toleration Tolerations spec for the operator Pod. Add to control which Node taints the Pod will accept. {}
affinity Pod Affinity spec for the operator Pod. Add to control scheduling behavior with respect to other Pods. {}
securityContext Pod level SecurityContext spec. runAsNonRoot: true
cert-manager.enabled Install embedded cert-manager chart. Version v1.5.3 currently embedded. Recommend installing and maintaining cert-manager independently. Does not control installation of Certificate resources. false