Cloudera Flink Tutorials

The Cloudera Flink Tutorials walks you through the basic steps to create a Stateless Monitoring, a Stateful Inventory and a Secure application using Flink.

For newcomers, Cloudera recommends starting with the Simple Tutorial.

The Simple Tutorial details the following steps:
  • Basic structure of a Flink application
  • Logging with Kafka
  • Job submission
  • Alerting functionality

For a more advanced application, you can use the Stateful Tutorial to get familiar with using state and windowing.

The Stateful Tutorial details the following steps:
  • Using state within the application
  • Windowing function
  • Generating data from Kafka
  • Production configuration

The Secure Tutorial serves as a first step to learn everything about the Flink security features within Cloudera.

The Secure Tutorial details the following steps:
  • Securing Kafka
  • Security parameters in a Flink job
  • Kafka Metrics Reporter
  • Integration with Schema Registry