Fixed issues

Review the list of Flink and SQL Stream Builder issues that are resolved in Cloudera Streaming Analytics 1.11.0.

CSA-4938 - Activating an environment makes SSB unable to start
The issue regarding the NullPointerException caused by the environment files is fixed.
CSA-4643 - flink-yarn-session is ignoring command line parameters
The issue regarding the ignored parameters that added to the flink-yarn-session in command line is fixed.
CSA-4861 - Error with Flink JSON row serializer init in SSB
The issue regarding the NullPointerException NPE in SSB that is caused by not transferring the transient fields of RowRowConverter to the Flink workers is fixed.

CSA-4558 - SSB internal topics are not explicitly created
The issue about SQL Stream Builder (SSB) not creating Kafka topics for sampling is fixed, the topics are explicitly created even when the automatic topic creation is disabled.
CSA-4624 - Sensitive field redaction can be circumvented
The issue about accessing hidden or redacted fields of tables is fixed.
CSA-4641 - Mask sensitive information in Environment
The issue about accessing hidden or redacted fields of tables is fixed.
CSA-4650 - Inconsistent sidebar collapse behavior
The issue regarding the behavior of inconsistent sidebar collapse is fixed.
CSA-4651 - Wrong padding for arrows on the right at the project homepage
The issue regarding the incorrect padding for arrows on the Projects homepage is fixed.
CSA-4670 - Default operator of MV query ruleset is not set on UI
The issue about showing default operators not set in the Materialized View query ruleset is fixed.
CSA-4672 - Fix chart wizard config options
The issues regarding the Gauge chart are fixed. The units can be displayed, the Gauge chart width can be changed and colors also can be switched.
CSA-4699 - Keytab upload starts failing in SSB after some time, requiring a restart
The issue regarding keytab upload failure in SSB after a period of time is fixed.
CSA-4723 - Adding delete source setting button
The issue about source settings cannot be deleted from Streaming SQL Console is fixed.
CSA-4761 - UDF is created with an empty parameter type if none is specified
The issue about creating UDFs with an empty parameter type that causes failure in job execution is fixed.
CSA-4798 - Improve error handling of MV queries
The issue about the dynamic parameter throwing an exception when not providing a value is fixed.
CSA-4799 - Table Metadata is not saved when job is run via sql/execute
The issue about not saving table metadata when jobs are executed using REST API is fixed.
CSA-4800 - ToString of Job can cause stack overflow
The issue regarding stack overflow error caused by the jobLogItems field when calling toString is fixed.
CSA-4806 - DataCleaner can miss Materialized View data to be cleaned
The issue regarding Materialized View data not getting cleaned is fixed.
CSA-4820 - Prevent projects with running jobs from being deleted
The issue about running jobs is deleted when removing projects is fixed.