Adding SSB as a Service

You need to use the Add Service wizard in Cloudera Manager to have the SQL Stream Builder (SSB) service on your cluster.

  • Make sure that the SSB CSD file is in the /opt/cloudera/csd folder.
  • Make sure that the CSA parcel is added to Cloudera Manager.
  • Make sure that you have installed and configured the SSB databases correctly, and installed the required Java drivers as well.
  • Check that the following components are installed on your cluster:
    Mandatory components Optional components
    Flink Schema Registry
    Kafka Kudu
  1. Open Cloudera Manager.
  2. On the Home screen, select the drop-down menu to the right of your cluster.
  3. Select Add Service.
  4. From the list, select SQL Stream Builder as the type of service, then click Continue.
    The Add Service wizard launches.
  5. Assign the SQL Stream Engine and Materialized View Engine service roles to hosts, then click Continue.
    You need to assign the service roles based on where you have created the databases, and where you have assigned the Flink and Kafka roles.
  6. Connect the SSB service to a database.
    1. Select MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle as the type of database.
    2. Choose the host on which you want to add the database.
      You must add the databases to the same host where you have assigned the service roles.
    3. Provide a name to the database.
    4. Provide the user and password of the created database.
    5. Click Test connection.
  7. Review the changes needed for your service.
    In case you are using MySQL or Oracle for the Streaming SQL Engine, and PostgreSQL for Materialized Views, you will be prompted to provide information about the database for Materialized View Engine. Provide the database hostname with the default port, your user and password in the Materialized View Engine fields.
    In case you have enabled High Availability for SSB by adding the Load Balancer role, you need to add the SSB service host url to the following configurations:
  8. Click Continue and wait until the first run of the SSB service is completed.
  9. Click Continue and then Finish.