What's new in Cloudera Streaming Analytics

Cloudera Streaming Analytics 1.12.0 covers new features beside the core streaming functionality of Apache Flink and SQL Stream Builder.

Rebase to Apache Flink 1.18.0

Apache Flink 1.18.0 is supported in Cloudera Streaming Analytics 1.12.0.

For more information on what is included in the Apache Flink 1.18.0 version, see the Apache Flink 1.18.0 Release Announcement and Release Notes.

Application Mode
Support for Flink's Application Mode is added. Application Mode enables you to submit Flink applications that run entirely on the cluster side, differently from Per-Job and Session modes where the application driver code runs on the client side. In Application Mode, each application can execute multiple jobs that share cluster resources but are isolated from other applications.
For more information, see the Running a Flink job documentation.
Support for custom port range in Task Manager
Support is added to configure taskmanager.data.port in Flink service configuration. This property allows for the configuration of custom port ranges for Flink jobs' Task Manager processes. The taskmanager.data.port property can be configured for Flink in Cloudera Manager using a safety valve, and for SSB the property can be configured with SET statement.