Applied ML Prototypes (AMPs)

Applied ML Prototypes (AMPs) provide reference example machine learning projects in Cloudera Machine Learning. More than simplified quickstarts or tutorials, AMPs are fully-developed expert solutions created by Cloudera’s research arm, Fast Forward Labs.

These solutions to common problems in the machine learning field demonstrate how to fully use the power of Cloudera Machine Learning. AMPs show you how to create Cloudera Machine Learning projects to solve your own use cases.

AMPs are available to install and run from the Cloudera Machine Learning user interface. As new AMPs are developed, they will become available to you for your study and use.

Using AMPs

It’s simple to get started with AMPs.

  1. Log in to your Cloudera Machine Learning workspace, and in the left panel click AMPs.
  2. Click on an AMP tile to read its description.
  3. Click Configure Project and provide any configuration values required by the AMP. The Description field explains how to determine these configuration values. After you click Launch Project, the installation process may take several minutes.
  4. When the installation is complete, click Overview to read the documentation for the AMP and explore the code and project structure.