How to make base cluster configuration changes

When you make base cluster configuration changes, you need to restart the base cluster to propagate those changes.

In general, as Administrator you perform the following steps:
  1. Make the necessary configuration changes in the base cluster.
  2. Restart the base cluster.
  3. In the Private Cloud compute cluster, perform the specific Kubernetes commands below to restart the ds-cdh-client pods for CML.
For ECS:
  1. Access Cloudera Manager.
  2. Navigate to the Containerized Cluster ECS Web UI: Clusters > Your embedded Cluster > ECS > Web UI > ECS Web UI
  3. Select the namespace of your ML Workspace on the top left dropdown.
  4. Navigate to Workloads > Deployments.
  5. Locate ds-cdh-client in the list and perform Restart from the breadcrumbs on the right.

For OCP:

Access the openshift cluster with oc or kubectl, and scale the deployment of ds-cdh-client down and back up. Use the following commands.

  1. oc scale deployment/ds-cdh-client --namespace <ml-namespace> --replicas 0
  2. oc scale deployment/ds-cdh-client --namespace <ml-namespace> --replicas 1