View replica logs for a model

When a model is deployed, Cloudera Machine Learning enables you to specify the number of replicas that must be deployed to serve requests. If a replica crashes or fails to come up, you can diagnose it by viewing the logs for every replica using the model CLI.

  1. Obtain the modelReplicaId by using the following command:
    cdswctl models listReplicas --modelDeploymentId=<model_deployment_ID>
    where the model_deployment_ID is the ID of a successfully deployed model.
  2. To view the replica logs, run the following command:
    cdswctl models getReplicaLogs --modelDeploymentId=<model_deployment_ID> --modelReplicaId="<replica_ID>" --streams=stdout
    For example:
    cdswctl models getReplicaLogs --modelDeploymentId=2 --modelReplicaId="petal-length-predictor-1-2-6d6496b467-hp6tz" --streams=stdout
    The valid values for the streams parameter are stdout and stderr.