Enabling Quota Management in CML

To enable Quota Management in Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) it needs to be configured. Follow the recommended configuration guidelines.

Set up the Kubernetes and kubectl as defined in Prerequisites.

  1. Configure the kubectl using the kubeconfig file.
  2. Edit the CML Control Plane deployment:
    kubectl get deploy dp-mlx-control-plane-app -n cdp-namespace -o yaml
    > file-name
    This will save the CML control plane deployment specification.
  3. Take a backup of the above file.
  4. Search for the environment variable ‘ENABLE_UMBRA_INTEGRATION’ in the file, and change the value to true.
  5. Save the deployment file and run:
    kubectl apply -f file-name.yaml
    Wait for the new pod to come up.
  6. Verify:
    kubectl get pods -n cdp-namespace