Managing Project Files

Cloudera Machine Learning allows you to move, rename, copy, and delete files within the scope of the project where they live. You can also upload new files to a project, or download project files. For use cases beyond simple projects, Cloudera strongly recommends using Git for Collaboration to manage your projects using version control.

  1. Switch context to the account where the project was created.
  2. Click Projects.
  3. From the list of projects, click on the project you want to modify. This will take you to the project overview.
  4. Click Files.
    Upload Files to a Project

    Files can only be uploaded within the scope of a single project. Therefore, to access a script or data file from multiple projects, you will need to manually upload it to all the relevant projects.

    Click Upload. Select Files or Folder from the dropdown, and choose the files or folder you want to upload from your local filesystem.

    In addition to uploading files or a folder, you can upload a .tar file of multiple files and folders. After you select and upload the .tar file, you can use a terminal session to extract the contents:

    1. On the project overview page, click Open Workbench and select a running session or create a new one.
    2. Click Terminal access.
    3. In the terminal window, extract the contents of the .tar file:
      tar -xvf <file_name>.tar.gz 

      The extracted files are now available for the project.

    Download Project Files

    Click Download to download the entire project in a .zip file. To download only a specific file, select the checkbox next to the file(s) to be download and click Download.

  5. You can also use the checkboxes to Move, Rename, or Delete files within the scope of this project.