Command Line Tools in CML

Cloudera Machine Learning ships with the following command line tools. The purpose of each tool differs.

  • CDP CLI for Cloudera Machine Learning - If you prefer to work in a terminal window, you can download and configure the CDP client that gives you access to the CDP CLI tool. The CDP CLI allows you to perform the same actions as can be performed from the management console. Use this CLI to create, delete, upgrade, and manage ML workspaces on CDP.
    To view all the available commands, run:
    cdp ml help
    To view help for a specific command, run:
    cdp ml <operation> help

    If you don't already have the CDP CLI set up, see Installing the CDP CLI Client.

  • cdswctl - Cloudera Machine Learning also ships with a CLI client that you can download from the Cloudera Machine Learning web UI. This is also referred to as the Model CLI client. The cdswctl client allows you to log in, create an SSH endpoint, launch new sessions, automate model deployment, model updates, and so on.