View Backup Overview section on Management Console Dashboard

The “Backup Overview” section shows all the available backup entities for all the supported services, total number of backups available for each entity, and the status of each backup event. Click “View Details” to see the “Backup and Restore Manager” page. The “Backup Overview” section is on the "Dashboard" page in CDP Private Cloud Data Services Management Console.

The following columns appear in the Dashboard > Backup Overview section:

Column name Description
Backup Entity

Lists all the backup entities that are available for backup.

For example, the CDP Control Plane: [***namespace***] is the Control Plane backup entity.

Total Backups Total number of backups for the backup entity.
Colored dots Each dot pertains to the current status of a backup event or job. Hover over a dot to view the backup event start timestamp and its current status.

The yellow dot denotes NOT_STARTED or IN_PROGRESS backup event state, the green dot denotes COMPLETED event state, and the red dot denotes PARTIALLY_FAILED or FAILED event state.

When you click View Details, the Backup and Restore Manager appears.

The following sample image shows the Backup Overview section:

The image shows the Backup Overview section in the Management Console dashboard. It shows all the backup entities that can be backed up, total number of backups for each entity, and the status of the backup event or job. The section also has the View Details option. Click View Details to open the Backup and Restore Manager.