Fixed Issues in Schema Registry

This section lists the issues that have been fixed since the previous version.

Bug ID: OPSAPS-57317

Summary: Requests sent to Schema Registry from a Ranger user will be rejected because the user "rangerlookup" does not have permissions.

Bug ID: OPSAPS-56457

Summary: The Schema Registry yaml file-generation mechanism is broken on Azuze.

Bug ID: OPSAPS-56345

Summary: Issues with Schema Registry's Ranger repository handling.

Bug ID: CDPD-12840

Summary: Relocate Jersey packages to avoid conflict with Hadoop.

Bug ID: OPSAPS-56286

Summary: If you are running multiple instances of the Schema Registry Server role, an incorrect health state will be displayed for the Schema Registry service even if the underlying role instances are healthy.

Bug ID: OPSAPS-55940

Summary: Must configure JDBC connector jar location for Schema Registry and Streams Messaging Manager.

Bug ID: CDPD-14176

Summary: Cannot add schema to the registry through the UI.

Bug ID: CDPD-12261

Summary: When file upload fails, the Schema Registry UI displays a Success message.

Bug ID: CDPD-12150

Summary: You cannot upload jar files through the Schema Registry UI on Firefox and Internet Explorer.