What's New in Apache Hadoop YARN

This topic lists new features for Apache Hadoop YARN in this release of Cloudera Runtime.

Queue Manager

YARN Queue Manager is the queue management graphical user interface for Apache Hadoop YARN Capacity Scheduler. You can use YARN Queue Manager UI to manage your cluster capacity using queues to balance resource requirements of multiple applications from various users. Using YARN Queue Manager UI, you can set scheduler level properties and queue level properties. You can also view, sort, search, and filter queues using the YARN Queue Manager UI.

For more information about Queue Manager, see Manage Queues.

FPGA as a resource type

You can use FPGA as a resource type. For more information, see Use FPGA scheduling.

New configuration property to enable or disable the YARN recommendation engine APIs

The YARN Recommendation API now recommends scaling cluster nodes up or down based on the demand and idle state of cluster resources. This feature can be turned on/off using the YARN configuration property yarn.cluster.scaling.recommendation.enable.