What's New in Apache Kafka

This topic lists new features for Apache Kafka in this release of Cloudera Runtime.

Rebase on Kafka 2.5.0

Kafka shipped with this version of Cloudera Runtime is based on Apache Kafka 2.5.0. For more information, see Apache Kafka Notable Changes for version 2.5.0, as well as the Apache Kafka Release Notes for version 2.5.0 in the upstream documentation.

Default Value Changes

The default values of a number of Kafka configuration properties are updated. The following table contains the updated properties as well as new and old default values:
Display Name Property Name Old Default New Default
Kafka Connect rest port kafka.connect.rest.port 38083 28083
Kafka Connect secure rest port kafka.connect.secure.rest.port 38085 28085
Jetty Metrics port to expose JMX Json metrics.jetty.server.port 38084 28084
ZooKeeper Session Timeout zookeeper.session.timeout.ms 6000 ms 18000 ms
Allowed Replica Time Lag replica.lag.time.max.ms 10000 ms 30000 ms