Fixed Issues in Streams Messaging Manager

Review the list of Streams Messaging Manager issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.16.

CDPD-33699: Remove "adjustTopicOverviewMetrics" from SMM
Removed the logic introduced in 7.1.4/, where in case the topicMetrics (bytes in/bytes out/messages in) are smaller for a larger time period, the smaller timeperiod's metrics will be displayed. For example, if the metrics are smaller for 30 days and then for 7 days, the 7 day metrics would be used.
CDPD-35136: Data Explorer should allow long keys to be viewed
Fixed the issue with the keys being truncated in the Data Explorer in case they are too long on SMM UI. In case the message's key is too long to render, a "read more" button will appear next to the truncated key, initiating a popup which will show the full content of the key.
CDPD-35374: Incorrect key/value for large numbers
Fixed issue where large numbers were rounded in the Data Explorer in case LongDeserialiser is used for either the key or the value while viewing the content of a partition.
CDPD-35897: Remove partitionMetrics from /api/v1/admin/metrics/consumers/group/{groupId} response
Removed the "topicPartitionMetrics" field from the response of "/api/v1/admin/metrics/consumers/group/{groupId}" endpoint, since the underlying metric has been removed. Additionally, the API path version was bumped to v2.
CDPD-36420: List icons should not appear for the validation errors
Removed bullet point from validation errors on the connector creation form.
CDPD-39137: Connect topic tracking line is not showing on UI
On the Connectors page, topic lineage lines are not showing up, only the line starts and ends.
Now, Topic lineage lines are shown on the Connectors page.
CDPD-39778: Should not suggest flow.snapshot to be a secret
Streams Messaging Manager now does not allow the user to mark the flow.snapshot as sensitive data.
CDPD-39826: The Restart button for the ConnectorTasks is permanently disabled
Issue with the Restart button being permanently inactive on the ConnectorDetails page is fixed.
CDPD-39980: /api/v1/admin/auth/access throws NPE on unsecure environments
Fixed issue "/api/v1/admin/auth/access" throwing InternalServerError (Http code 500) when accessing the endpoint in a non-kerberized environment.
CDPD-40286: When using Oracle database, we can have an NPE during configuration
When using Oracle database, customer has the option to provide custom connection properties. Due to a bug, these connection properties were mandatory, which caused an error in case they were not provided.
CDPD-40758: Improve upon how SchemaRegistryClient is used in connectors
Fixed the issue when setting the "value.converter.serdes.protocol.version" in connectors caused the connector to fail on startup because the configuration property wasn't properly converted to a byte value.
CDPD-40871: SMM should fill "partitionMetrics" on "/api/v2/admin/metrics/aggregated/topics/{topicName}" even when partitionMetrics are empty
All the data that is available from the topic partitions are filled regardless whether metrics were fetched from Cloudera Manager or not.
CDPD-41069: Topic can be edited after selecting REPLICATION_STATUS as the alert attribute
Fixed the topic selection dropdown status in the alert editor after various UI events.
CDPD-41420: Schema version is not displayed in SMM when Avro value serializer is chosen
In the Data Explorer now it is possible to see all the schema versions associated with the given topic.
CDPD-41514: SMM displays CPU usage chart instead of CPU load
Fixed issue where SMM displays CPU usage chart instead of CPU load on the broker details page.
CDPD-41542: Consumer instance host field is empty
Fixed issue where consumer instance host field is empty in the SMM UI consumer details page.
CDPD-41553: Replication charts do not render on first visit
Fixed issue where replication charts do not render on first visit in the SMM topic details page.
CDPD-43387: Broker Details page does not show the Cloudera Manager button
The Cloudera Manager buttons that navigate to the broker resource within Cloudera Manager were not visible in previous releases. Now you can navigate from the SMM's broker view to the Cloudera Manager's broker view.
CDPD-43474: KConnect metrics cannot be scraped by prometheus in secure environments
Fixed Prometheus not being able to scrape Connect metrics from secure Kafka clusters. The "connect.prometheus.metrics.port" configuration was removed. For details, see Kafka Connect property configuration in Cloudera Manager for Prometheus.
CDPD-43962: Performance improvement on the Broker Details page
The '/api/v2/admin/metrics/aggregated/brokers/{brokerId}' endpoint, called every time while opening the broker details page on the UI, was excessively slow when a large number of topics and partitions were present. This is now fixed by fetching partition metrics in bulk.