What's New in Apache Atlas

Learn about the new features of Apache Atlas in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.16.

Relationship search

Entities in Atlas can be searched based on the relationships that describe various metadata between a couple of entity end-points.

See Relationship search for more information.

Basic search enhancement

While performing basic search operation in Atlas, you can exclude header attributes of entities from the response.

See Basic search enhancement for more information.

HDFS lineage extraction

Atlas supports the HDFS lineage data extraction mechanism.

See HDFS lineage data extraction for more information.

Viewing parent object for assigned classification or term in Atlas

Atlas supports viewing / searching for entities by using the assigned name for the classification / term.

See Parent object for assigned classification or term for more information.

Lineage on-demand

The on-demand lineage provides enhanced end user experience to handle data flow and related entities.

See On-demand lineage for more information.

Performance and Function Improvements

  • Text-editor for Atlas parameters: While creating Classification, Glossary, and Business metadata, a new text editor is available. See Atlas Text-editor for more information.