What's new in Streams Messaging Manager

Learn about the new features of Streams Messaging Manager in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.16.

Improved alter topic functionalities
You can now increase the number of partitions of a topic (but not decrease). The option is available on the Configs tab on the Topic Details page.
Partition Assignment tab on the Topic Details page
The Assignment tab, on the topic details page, shows the current state of the partitions and replicas of the topic. It shows some topic-level statistics and the replica assignment of all partitions. If rack awareness is being used in the Kafka cluster, the replica assignment is shown in a rack-based view. If the rack IDs follow the format of multi-level rack IDs, the rack IDs are rendered as a hierarchy.
Added sorter functionality to partition lists in SMM UI
The SMM UI contains Brokers and Topics pages where records contain broker or topic specific partition lists and their profile pages as well. All partition list columns become sortable.
SMM UI shows broker rack information
The Brokers page and the Broker Details page now both show the rack ID of the brokers. SMM now also supports a new endpoint: /api/v1/admin/topics/{topicName}/description.
Improved SMM UX for Kafka Connectors configuration
The connector selection and connector configuration workflow steps are now separated into two different steps. Search and autocomplete are now available for Connect configuration keys. The help icon provides detailed information about each configuration key. The data type of the configuration values can be chosen from the options menu. For more information, see Setting connector configurations.
Added partition log-size information to the SMM UI
The SMM UI shows log-size related information about brokers, topics, and partitions. Furthermore, warning messages appear when log directory related errors are reported by Kafka.
SMM connector profile shows connector level error
Errors causing the whole connector to fail are now displayed on the connector profile page if available.
Data explorer allows specifying consumer isolation.level
"/api/v1/admin/topics/{topicName}/partition/{partitionId}/payloads" endpoint has a new parameter: "consumerIsolationLevel". The accepted values are "read_committed" and "read_uncommitted". This sets the "isolation.level" config for the KafkaConsumer used for retrieving messages. The default value is "read_uncommitted".
Additionally, the parameter can be set on the UI as well.
The Data Explorer page has a new design
The Data Explorer now uses the “from offset” and “record limit” parameters to select an offset window to query.
Offset-lag metrics in SMM UI
SMM UI Replications tab now also shows the replication-records-lag metric.
SMM UI Data Explorer shows null values explicitly
Data Explorer in the SMM UI now displays 'null' with italic style applied when the value is null rather than an empty value.
SMM uses a specific REST API to fetch list of topics
SMM Connect page now uses the Connect active topic tracking feature to list the topics used by the Connectors instead of the connector configuration's topic property. Sink Connectors show up based on which topics they consumed from (regardless of whether "topics" or "topics.regex" config was used), and Source Connectors show up based on which topics they produced into.
Improved configuration of SMM Kafka interceptors
New configuration prefix for SMM monitoring interceptor's background producer: "smm.monitoring.interceptor.producer.".
Clients that use either of the SMM monitoring interceptors (MonitoringConsumerInterceptor, MonitoringProducerInterceptor) use a background producer to push client metrics into Kafka every 30 seconds. This background producer now can be configured by passing Producer Configurations to the client that uses the interceptor with the "smm.monitoring.interceptor.producer." prefix. The prefix is trimmed and the remaining part of the configuration is passed to the background producer. For instance, if the user wishes to configure the "batch.size" property for the background producer, the following configuration should be passed: "smm.monitoring.interceptor.producer.batch.size".
There is a different behavior, however, with the "client.id" property. If the user does not provide a configuration to the client id (smm.monitoring.interceptor.producer.client.id), the default is used, which is: "smm-monitoring-interceptor".
SMM Data Explorer shows JSON output in pretty printed format
SMM Data Explorer can show JSON output in pretty printed format by using the "JSON Pretty Print" deserializer.