Fixed Issues In Cloudera Runtime

You can review the list of reported issues and their fixes in Cloudera Runtime


The following issue is resolved:

  • HOTREQ-1347 Select query with LIMIT clause can fail if there are marker files like "_SUCCESS" and "_MANIFEST"
  • HOTREQ-1287 Wrong results for partitioned Parquet table when files contain partition column
  • HOTREQ-1330 add a way to reenable abfs readahead
  • HOTREQ-1334 S3 Copy Optimization
  • HOTREQ-1315 Upgrade node.js due to CVE-2022-35255, CVE-2022-43548 and CVE-2022-32212
  • HOTREQ-1344 Hot fix JIRA CDPD-47077 for Public Cloud 7.2.15
  • HOTREQ-1320 HOTFIX for Bug - Add delegation token support for long running spark job
  • HOTREQ-1369 Ranger S3 policy fails for read only or write only access
  • HOTREQ-1275 Hotfix for - IMPALA-11751
  • HOTREQ-1244 HOTFIX Request for CDPD-46957
  • HOTREQ-1274 HOTFIX REQ for issue HUE with KNOX unable to open workflow links in new tab with right click


  • HOTREQ-1376 Fix flow downloading via knox for LGIM
  • HOTREQ-1282 CFM - Parameter context inheritence fail during startup
  • HOTREQ-1372 CaptureChangeMySQL processor fixes
  • HOTREQ-1399 Ship NIFI-11363 to solve ENGESC-19490

Known issue: CDPD-54714

This is due to a missing configuration in Cloudera Manager. When Hue is enabled with Knox as authentication backend and Hue also in HA mode, all Hue instance's hostname should be added in knox_proxyhosts. This issue is known since Hue is still built with Python 2. This is not the issue related to recent Hue Python 3 build change.
Follow the procedure available in the Integrate Hue with Knox documentation.