Populating an S3 bucket

Use the Hue Web UI to populate buckets in Amazon S3.

Use open data from the U.S. Geological Survey to demonstrate how to populate and S3 bucket with Hue.

  1. Download 30 days of earthquake data (all_month.csv) from the USGS (~2 MB).
  2. Log on to the Hue Web UI from Cloudera Manager.
  3. Select File Browser > S3 Browser.
  4. Click New > Bucket, name it "quakes_<any unique id>" and click Create.
  5. Navigate into the bucket by clicking the bucket name
  6. Click New > Directory, name it "input" and click Create.
  7. Navigate into the directory by clicking the directory name.
  8. Click Upload and select, or drag, all_month.csv. The path is s3a://quakes/input/all_month.csv.