Deprecation Notices for Apache Kafka

Certain features and functionality in Apache Kafka are deprecated or removed in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.16. You must review these changes along with the information about the features in Kafka that will be removed or deprecated in a future release.


The command line tool is removed. Its alternative in CDP, kafka-preferred-replica-election, is also removed. Use kafka-leader-election instead.
The --zookeeper option is removed from the kafka-topics and kafka-reassign-partitions command line tools. Use the --bootstrap-server option instead.
Removd properties
The following Kafka service properties are removed:
  • Default Consumer Quota (quota.consumer.default)
  • Default Producer Quota (quota.producer.default)
  • Advertised Host (advertised.port)
  • Advertised Port (
  • Kafka Connect Prometheus Metrics Port (connect.prometheus.metrics.port)


MirrorMaker (MM1)
MirrorMaker is deprecated. Cloudera recommends that you use Streams Replication Manager (SRM) instead.
The --zookeeper option is only supported for the kafka-configs tool and should be only used when updating SCRAM Credential configurations. The --zookeeper option is either deprecated in or removed from other Kafka command line tools. Cloudera recommends that you use the --bootstrap-server option instead.