Audit Operations

As an Atlas administrator you can view the audit operations listed in the Audits tab in the Atlas UI. The audit data is captured implicitly by Atlas for various operations.

The audit operations include:
  • Import
  • Export
  • Server start
  • Server state active (In case of HA environment)
  • Type Definition create
  • Type Definition update
  • Type Definition delete

The Type Definition can be of any type category listed:

  • Business Metadata
  • Classification
  • Enum
  • Entity
  • Relationship
  • Struct

Audit is collected for every create, update and delete operations.

The JSON data is the payload which contains the actual data. You can submit the payload using the appropriate REST API tool.

An audit entry logs the total number of Type Definitions that are created for create, update, and delete operations. Type Definitions are categorized according to entity types, struct types, Enum types, relationships, classification, and Business Metadata. For every Type Definition, the JSON data is stored in the audit entry.

Each audit entry logs the following details:
  • Users - Indicates the user name of the user who performed the audit operation..
  • Operation - Indicates an operation enum; can be used for searching audit entities as well
  • Client ID - Indicates the IP address of the machine from which the request was generated.
  • Result Count - Provides the total number of artifacts on which the operation was performed.
  • Start Time - Indicates the actual time when the request was generated.
  • End Time - Indicates the actual time when the requested operation was completed.
  • Duration - Indicates the time taken by a request to complete the intended operation.