Behavioral Changes in Apache Hive

Learn about the change in certain functionality of Hive that has resulted in a change in behavior from the previously released version to this version of Cloudera Runtime.


CDP runtine 7.2.16 inroduces a new configuration property that affects how Ranger vailidates Hive url policies. Specifically, this new property allows you to restore the 7.2.15 behavior when Ranger validates Hive URL policies.

Previous behavior:
In 7.2.15, Ranger used a relative path to validate Hive url policies.
New behavior:
To configure the type of path that Ranger uses to validate Hive url policies:
  1. Go to Cloudera Manager > Hive_on_Tez > Configuration.
  2. In Search, type hive_service.
  3. In Hive Service Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety-Valve) for hive-site.xml, click +.
  4. Add the file path configuration property.
    1. In Name, type hive.ranger.use.fully.qualified.url
    2. In Value, type true.
  5. Click Save Changes (CRTL+S).

When you set hive.ranger.use.fully.qualified.url to true, a fully qualified path will be used to validate against ranger url policies. When you set hive.ranger.use.fully.qualified.url to false, relative path is used. You cannot modify hive.ranger.use.fully.qualified.url at runtime.

For more information about creating Hive URL policies, see Create a Hive authorizer URL policy.