Fixed Issues in Apache YARN and YARN Queue Manager

Review the list of YARN and YARN Queue Manager issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.16.

COMPX-11380: Queue Manager displays an error stating that it is unable to complete a request.
COMPX-1451: Queue Manager does not support multiple ResourceManagers.
COMPX-1451: Queue Manager does not support multiple ResourceManagers.
COMPX-4992: Unable to switch to absolute mode after deleting a partition using YARN Queue Manage.
COMPX-5264: Unable to switch to Weight mode on creating a managed parent queue in Relative mode.
COMPX-5549: Queue Manager UI sets maximum-capacity to null when you switch mode with multiple partitions.
COMPX-5589: Unable to add new queue to leaf queue with partition capacity in Weight/Absolute mode.
COMPX-7586: Max Parallel Apps cannot be changed for root queue.
OPSAPS-50291: Environment variables HADOOP_HOME, PATH, LANG, and TZ are not on the allow list.
OPSAPS-52066: Stacks under Logs Directory for Hadoop daemons are not accessible from Knox Gateway.
OPSAPS-57067: Yarn Service in Cloudera Manager reports stale configuration yarn.cluster.scaling.recommendation.enable.

Apache patch information

  • YARN-9997
  • YARN-2710
  • YARN-10850
  • YARN-6221
  • YARN-10869
  • YARN-10727
  • YARN-10790
  • YARN-11126
  • YARN-10910
  • YARN-10915
  • YARN-11023
  • YARN-10997
  • YARN-11024
  • YARN-10907
  • YARN-11303