Configure PAM authentication for Kafka brokers

Learn how to configure PAM authentication for Kafka brokers.

You can enable Kafka to use PAM for client to broker authentication. Broker configuration is done by configuring the required properties in Cloudera Manager.

  1. In Cloudera Manager select the Kafka service.
  2. Select Configuration.
  3. Enable PAM authentication:
    1. Find the SASL/PLAIN Authentication property.
    2. Click the radio button next to PAM. Do this for all required Kafka services.
  4. Configure the PAM service name:
    1. Find the PAM Service property.
    2. Enter a valid PAM service name. The property defaults to login.
  5. Click Save Changes.
  6. Restart the Kafka service
PAM authentication is configured for the brokers.
Configure clients to use PAM authentication.