.NET client

Learn more about how you can download and install the Cloudera .NET client library for Apache Kafka.

Cloudera’s .NET client library for Apache Kafka, called Cloudera.Kafka, is available through NuGet. This client library is not distributed or packaged with Cloudera Runtime.


The client library can be downloaded and installed through Visual Studio or a command line interface. Alternatively, you can also download it directly from nuget.org.

Visual Studio

In Visual Studio you can use the NuGet Package Manager UI to find and install the Cloudera.Kafka package for the appropriate project.

Command line interface

The Cloudera.Kafka package can be installed through a command line interface. You can use the Package Manager Console or the dotnet CLI.

Package Manager Console:
Install-Package Cloudera.Kafka -Version [***VERSION***]
dotnet CLI:
dotnet add package Cloudera.Kafka --version [***VERSION***]
Direct download
The Cloudera.Kafka package is available on the NuGet website at https://www.nuget.org/packages/Cloudera.Kafka/.