Fixed Issues in Apache Oozie

Review the list of Oozie issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.7.

CDPD-18931: "No appropriate protocol" error with email action(disable TLS1.0/1.1).
Oozie security enhancements. This issue is now resolved.
CDPD-17598: Log library issues.
The available logging libraries for Hive 2, Spark, and Sqoop actions are adjusted. This issue is now resolved.
CDPD-18703: The Oozie version returns incorrect values.
The "oozie version" command now returns the correct Oozie version and build time. This issue is now resolved.
CDPD-17306: Hive-Common is added as a dependency to Sqoop and Oozie's Sqoop sharelib so that you do not have to do it manually.
This issue is now resolved.
CDPD-17843: Hive-JDBC is added as a dependency to Sqoop and Oozie's Sqoop sharelib so you do not have to do it manually.
This issue is now resolved.
OPSAPS-58298: Oozie must accept a keyStoreType and trustStoreType property in oozie-site.xml.
This issue is now resolved.
CDPD-14964: When a Java action called System.exit() that resulted in a misleading security exception for Sqoop actions, there was an error because of the misleading exception in the yarn logs even though the Workflow is successful.
This issue is now resolved.
CDPD-15735: Oozie Spark actions are failing because Spark and Kafka are using different Scala versions.
This issue is now resolved.
OPSAPS-57429: Zookeeper SSL/TLS support for Oozie.
When SSL is enabled in Zookeeper, Oozie tries to connect to Zookeeper using SSL instead of a non-secure connection.
Apache ActiveMQ is updated to address CVE-2016-3088
The PostgreSQL driver is upgraded to address CVE-2020-13692
Fix to address CWE-693: Protection Mechanism Failure
CDPD-12742: Oozie was not able to communicate with ID Broker and hence it failed to obtain a delegation token, because of a missing Jar
That Jar is now deployed together with Oozie and hence the underlying issue is fixed.
CDPD-12283: By Oozie did not allow to use s3a and abfs file systems and users had to manually specify the supportability of these via Safety Valve
Since Oozie is compatible with these filesystems we changed the default Oozie configuration to allow these so users dont have to manually specify it.
CDPD-10746: Fix to address CVE-2019-17571
CDPD-9895: Various errors when trying to use an S3 filesystem
Oozie is now fully compatible with S3.
CDPD-9761: There is a sub workflow run in independent mode that runs a fork action which contains two (or more) actions
These actions inside the fork action run in parallel mode, and they have some seconds delay in between them. If a parameter is passed to one of these actions, that cannot be resolved, then it changes its status to FAILED, and also the workflows state to FAILED. The other actions state which are not started yet will stuck in PREP state forever. The correct behaviour would be to KILL the remaining actions as well as the workflow. Note: this bug only occurs when it is run in independent mode. If it has a parent workflow, then the parent workflow will kill this workflow after 10 minutes because of the callback process.
CDPD-9721: Upgrade built-in spark-hive in Oozie
Oozie is using the Spark-Hive library from the stack.
CDPD-9220: Oozie spark actions using --keytab fail due to duplicate dist. cache
Oozie spark actions add everything in the distributed cache of the launcher job to the distributed cache of the spark job, meaning the keytab is already there, then the --keytab argument tries to add it again causing the failure.
CDPD-9189: Apache Pig support was completely removed from Oozie
CDPD-7108: In case we have a workflow which has, lets say, 80 actions after each other, then the validator code "never" finishes
CDPD-7107: The following were added to the spark opts section of the spark action: --conf spark
CDPD-7106: query tag is not functional for Hive2 action node in oozie
Workflow is intended to create a hive table using Hive2 action node. Though workflow run successfully, table is not created.
CDPD-7105: Oozie workflow processing becomes slow after the increase of rows in WF_JOBS and WF_ACTIONS tables when running against SQL Server
CDPD-6877: When you create a MapReduce action which then creates more than 120 counters, an exception was thrown
CDPD-6630: Oozie by default gathers delegation tokens for the nodes defined in MapReduce
CDPD-5168: Logging enhancements in CoordElFunctions for better supportability
CDPD-4826: Oozies web server does not work when TLS is enabled and Open JDK 11 is in use
This issue is now fixed.

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