Install Cloudera Manager and a CDP Private Cloud Base cluster

Learn about the basic requirements for installing Cloudera Manager and CDP Data Center.

You should follow the instructions in the CDP Installation Guide for complete information about installing Cloudera Manager and a CDP base cluster. At minimum, you should ensure that you perform the following steps.

  • You have installed a JDK
  • If you want to use an external database, you have installed and configured it for NiFi Registry.
  1. Install CDP Private Cloud Base.
  2. Enable Auto-TLS and Kerberos.

    Cloudera recommends the following security configuration:

    • Enable Auto-TLS.
    • Enable Kerberos.
    • Use Apache Atlas for dataset level lineage graphs.
    • Use Apache Ranger to authorize NiFi and NiFi Registry users.
    For details on security recommendations and options, see CFM Security.
  3. Install the following Runtime services, at minimum:
    • Atlas
    • Ranger
    • ZooKeeper

When you have completed the CDP Private Cloud Base cluster installation, add the CFM parcel and CSD files.