NiFi Patches

This release includes Apache NiFi 1.11.4 and the following patches.

CFM 2.0.4

  • NIFI-7183: ReplaceText with multiple concurrency tasks can result in data corruption

CFM 2.0.1

  • NIFI-4792: Allow QueryRecord processor to query nested arrays.
  • NIFI-6064: MockComponentLog misplaces reported exceptions.
  • NIFI-6491: Improve installation documentation.
  • NIFI-6551: Improve timestamp handling for PutKudu processor.
  • NIFI-6867: PutKudu operation type parameter allows bad values.
  • NIFI-6927: PutElasticsearchHttp 1.10.0 with java 11 Fails to initialize due to "clientBuilder.sslSockerFactory(SSLSocketFactory) not supported on JDK 9+.
  • NIFI-6958: Disabled State in Registry (in Sub PG) breaks Flow Update on Nifi Side.
  • NIFI-6968: Create Connection Modal Allows Multiple Adds.
  • NIFI-7049: SFTP processors shouldn't silently try to access known hosts file of the user.
  • NIFI-7053: Update Toolkit Guide with macOS 10.15 trusted certificate requirements (2048 bit key and max of 825 days of validity).
  • NIFI-7067: Allow a user and group with the same name/identity to exist.
  • NIFI-7075: Update list of flowfile core attributes in Developer Guide.
  • NIFI-7082: In tls-toolkit, change default validity of to 825 days or less.
  • NIFI-7095: ResetSetRecordSet: handle java.sql.Array Types in normalizeValue method.
  • NIFI-7105: NPE in SiteToSiteStatusReportingTask for counters.
  • NIFI-7106: Add parent name and parent path in SiteToSiteStatusReportingTask.
  • NIFI-7108: Upgrade
  • NIFI-7109: Unit tests should be able to determine if item validator was called.
  • NIFI-7114: NiFi not closing file handles.
  • NIFI-7117: Load Balance is not working.
  • NIFI-7132: PutCassandraQL is handling UUIDs as Strings.
  • NIFI-7135: Fix Java 11 build with dependency.
  • NIFI-7136: Set the autocomplete HTML5 tag to false for username/password login fields.
  • NIFI-7142: Automatically handle schema drift in the PutKudu processor.
  • NIFI-7143: Upgrade GCP dependency.
  • NIFI-7157: Investigate adoption of Github Workflow - Actions - CI.
  • NIFI-7165: Update documentation for Toolkit certificate validity period to 825 days.
  • NIFI-7175: Fix formatting of core attributes in docs.

For more information on fixed Apache NiFi patches, see the Apache NiFi Release Notes.