Supported data types

You should review the supported data types before designing your application to have all the information regarding SQL type mappings, timestamp and date types.

Java to SQL type mappings

SQL Type From DataStream To DataStream
STRING String String
BOOLEAN boolean/Boolean boolean/Boolean
BYTES byte[] byte[]
DECIMAL(38,18) BigDecimal BigDecimal
TINYINT byte/Byte byte
SMALLINT short/Short short/Short
INT int/Integer int/Integer
BIGINT long/Long long/Long
FLOAT float/Float float/Float
DOUBLE double/Double double/Double
MAP Maps of supported types using MapTypeInfo Maps of supported types
ARRAY primitive/object arrays primitive/object arrays*
ROW Row Row

Timestamp and Date types

The Table API supports a wide variety of conversions between java.sql , java.time and SQL types. For smooth operation, it is recommended to use java.sql time classes whenever possible.
To DataStream
SQL Type From DataStream Tuple Row
DATE java.sql.Date java.sql.Date java.time.LocalDate
java.time.LocalDate* java.time.LocalDate*
TIME(0) java.sql.Time java.sql.Time java.time.LocalTime
java.time.LocalTime* java.time.LocalTime*
TIMESTAMP(3) java.sql.Timestamp java.sql.Timestamp java.time.LocalDateTime
java.time.LocalDateTime (no .rowtime support)* java.time.LocalDateTime*
TIMESTAMP_WITH_LOCAL_TIME_ZONE java.time.Instant* java.time.Instant* java.time.Instant