Upgrading CSA artifacts for Flink service

You need to upgrade the Cloudera Streaming Analytics (CSA) artifacts to the newer version by manually deleting the old CSD file from the repository, and adding the latest CSD file to the same location.

  1. Download the new CSD files from the Download location.
    In case you are upgrading to the latest CSA version that includes SQL Stream Builder (SSB), you also must download the SSB CSD, and add it to the /opt/cloudera/csd folder with the new Flink CSD. For more information, see the Installing parcel and CSD documentation.
  2. Delete the old CSD version from /opt/cloudera/csd.
  3. Copy the new artifacts to the /opt/cloudera/csd folder.
  4. Ensure that you maintain the appropriate file ownership and access the attributes if needed.
  5. Restart the Cloudera Manager Server with the following command:
    • RHEL 7 Compatible, SLES 12, Ubuntu: systemctl restart cloudera-scm-server
    • RHEL 6 Compatible: service cloudera-scm-server restart
  6. Restart the Cloudera Management Services.
  7. Select Parcels on the Home > Hosts tab in the Cloudera Manager main navigation bar.
  8. Click on Parcel Repositories & Network Settings tab.
  9. Add the new Remote Parcel Repository URL for CSA.
  10. Click Save & Verify Configuration to commit the change.
  11. Click Close.
    You are redirected to the Parcels page.
  12. Deactivate the old version of the parcel on the Parcels page.
  13. Download, activate and distribute the new version of the parcel.
  14. Restart the Flink service when prompted in the wizard.
    For more information about the general process of Service Management, see the Cloudera Manager documentation.
  15. Create the directory for Job Result Store.
    1. Select Flink from the list of services.
    2. Click Actions > Create JobResultStore directory.
  16. Start the Flink service.
    1. Click Actions > Start next to the Flink service name.