Cloudera Runtime Component Versions

List of the official Apache component versions for Cloudera Runtime. To know the Apache component versions for compatibility with other applications, you must be familiar with the latest Apache component versions in Cloudera Runtime. You should also be aware of the available Technical Preview components and use them only in a testing environment. Apache versions of Cloudera Runtime components.

Component Apache Version
Apache Atlas 2.0.0
Apache Arrow 0.8.0
Apache Avatica 1.10.0
Apache Avro 1.8.2
Apache Calcite 1.19.0
Apache Crunch 0.11.0
Apache DataFu 1.3.0
Apache Druid 0.15.1
Apache Hadoop 3.1.1
Apache HBase 2.2.0
HBase Indexer 1.5.0
Apache Hive 3.1.3000
Hue 4.5.0
Apache Impala 3.3.0
Apache Kafka 2.3.0
Apache Knox 1.3.0
Apache Kudu 1.11.0
Apache Livy 0.6.0
Apache Oozie 5.1.0
Apache ORC 1.5.1
Apache Parquet 1.10.99
Apache Phoenix 5.0.0
Apache Ranger 2.0.0
Apache Solr 8.4.1
Apache Spark 2.4.0
Apache Sqoop 1.4.7
Apache Superset 0.34.0
Apache Tez 0.9.1
Apache ZooKeeper 3.5.5
Apache Zeppelin 0.8.2
YARN 3.1.1