Cloudera Runtime provides different types of storage components that you can use depending on your data requirements. Apache Kudu completes Apache Hadoop’s storage layer, enabling fast analytics on fast data. Apache Hadoop HDFS is a distributed file system for storing large volumes of data.

Accessing Cloud Data

Describes information about the configuration parameters used to access data stored in the cloud.

Apache Hadoop HDFS

Managing Data Storage

Provides information about optimizing data storage, APIs and services for accessing data, and managing data across clusters.

Configuring Data Protection

Provides information about configuring data protection on a Hadoop cluster.

Configuring HDFS ACLs

Describes the procedure to configure Access Control Lists (ACLs) on Apache Hadoop HDFS.

Configuring Fault Tolerance

Describes the procedure to configure HDFS high availability on a cluster.

Apache Kudu

Administering Apache Kudu

Describes common administrative tasks and Apache Kudu workflows.

Developing Applications with Apache Kudu

Provides reference examples to use C++ and Java client APIs to develop apps using Apache Kudu.

Using Apache Impala with Apache Kudu

Provides information about how to use use Kudu as a storage for Apache Impala.