Run a Hive command

You can run most Hive commands that push configuration variables to Hive SQL scripts from the command line of a node in your cluster. The hive keyword, which launches Beeline in the background, precedes the command.

Hive supports running Hive commands from the command line using Beeline only. In the task below, you start Beeline in the background and enter the -e flag followed by a Hive set command that lists system variables.

On the command line of a node in your CDP cluster, enter the hive command to send configuration properties to standard output.
> hive -e set
Supported commands appear. All obsolete Hive CLI commands are supported on the Beeline command line except set key=value commands that configure Hive Metastore.
The output includes the system variable settings:
|                            set                                 |
| _hive.hdfs.session.path=/tmp/hive/hive/91ecb...00a             |
| _hive.local.session.path=/tmp/hive/91ecb...00a                 |                                 |