Fixed Issues in Streams Messaging Manager

Review the list of Streams Messaging Manager issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.2.

CDPD-12981: Security related header control is not available in Streams Messaging Manager.
Added Security related HTTP headers to Streams Messaging Manager UI server responses: Cache Control, XSS-PROTECTION, Content-Security-Policy, Strict-Transport-Security, X-Content-Type-Options, and X-Frame-Options.
OPSAPS-57410: Added Security related headers to Streams Messaging Manager Rest API Server responses.
Strict-Transport-Security and Cache-Control are added.
CDPD-12147: SMM throws NumberFormatException error.

SMM throws a NumberFormatException error when the SMM’s JVM is set to non-US Locale.

CDPD-14383: SMM calls CM time series API less times.

SMM calls Cloudera Manager time series API less times because of grouping metric requests into one call. This can be turned off by setting the following property in kafkaMetricsConfig properties:

request.metrics.separately: true

CDPD-14544: SMM displays smaller topic metric values for larger time.

On the overview page, smaller topic metric values were displayed for larger time periods in comparison to the smaller time periods due to larger rollup intervals.

CDPD-14930: SMM displays incorrect values of metrics.

For certain time periods, metrics such as Bytes In, Bytes out, Messages In are displaying incorrect value. This is due to CM metrics rollup where granularity of more than 1 min causes metrics to lose metric information resulting in incorrect calculation.

CDPD-15552: SMM throws ConsumerGroups exception.

SMM tries to parse Kafka connectors as ConsumerGroups and throws the following exception:

Error reading field 'X': Error reading string of length....
CDPD-15738: Knox directs to wrong SMM address.

Knox is directing to the wrong address for SMM.

OPSAPS-57411: SMM metrics fetching mode not configurable.

SMM metrics fetching mode is not configurable. By default it is calling CM API timeseries endpoint with multiple metrics separated by comma.

New configuration parameter is introduced in SMM to make it possible to control metrics fetching mode.

OPSAPS-57444: Keystore and private key password mismatch.

SMM throws an error if the keystore and private key password are not the same.

OPSAPS-57468: Hardcoded parcel directory causes failure.
The parcel directory path was hard-coded in the SMM scripts and caused failures when a non-standard path was used and TLS was enabled.
The parcel directory path is no longer hard-coded.
OPSAPS-57539: SMM not usable after upgrade.

When upgrading the Cloudera Runtime, the previous Runtime's SMM UI process was not being killed and making SMM unusable.

Now, the SMM UI stop script has been improved, so that it will kill the child processes to prevent the SMM UI process from being stuck.

OPSAPS-57745: CM displays incorrect role.

Cloudera Manager displays incorrect role status when the SMM UI process fails or stops.