Fixed Issues in Apache Hive

Review the list of Hive issues that are resolved in Cloudera Runtime 7.2.2.

CDPD-14820: Fixed probeDecode issue. TezCompiler pushes down MapJoin Operators with Key expressions.
Now, only MapJoins with simple keys is supported by the Hive probeDecode feature.
OPSAPS-57720: DH cluster creation fails post CDH upgrade.
Cloudera Manager had no upgrade handler for Hive Metastore. This issue is now resolved.
OPSAPS-49148: "Update Hive Metastore NameNodes" invokes metatool for each database.
Removed unnecessary executions of the metatool with updateLocation to lower the total execution time and usage of resources for 'Update Hive Metastore NameNodes'. This issue is now resolved.
OPSAPS-43909: Execution filter is not applied to Delete Policy.
Execution filter is now applied to Delete Policy also. This issue is now resolved.